The Midwest Independent Film Festival

The Best Films of the Midwest.  The First Tuesday of Every Month.


Our Current Event Photographer is Chris Griffin of AAA Studios.

You can see more of Chris’s work at


Tuesday, December 5 – The Best of the Midwest Awards!

Tuesday, November 7 – Iowa Screening

Tuesday, October 3 – Midwest Shorts Program

Tuesday, September 5 – The Midwest Premiere of Repetition

Tuesday, August 1 – Midwest Documentary Shorts Program

Tuesday, July 4 – No Screenings Due to Holiday

Tuesday, June 6 – The Midwest Premiere of Wordplay

Tuesday, May 2 – Midwest Comedic Shorts Program

Tuesday, April 4 – The Festival Premiere of Dirty Work

Tuesday, March 7 – Midwest Shorts Program

Tuesday, February 7 – The Midwest Premiere of Casting About

Tuesday, January 3 – No Screenings Due to Holiday