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🎬 Attention all filmmakers, budding composers, and passionate musicians! 🎬


Embark on an immersive journey into the heart of cinema's unsung hero - the score. Our tailor-made workshop invites you to explore the nuanced art of breathing musical life into visual stories.


Why This Workshop?

The score quietly weaves the emotional and narrative threads of a film. Understanding this delicate balance is key, and The Art of Film Scoring is designed to illuminate this path, guiding you from the first note to the last frame.


🔍 Dive Deeper Into:

  • Synergy in Action: Learn the intricacies of collaboration between filmmakers and composers. Discover the chemistry that transforms good films into great ones.

  • The language of Creativity: Navigate the complexities of speaking both 'film' and 'music'. Master the art of translating visual storytelling into compelling musical scores.

  • Elevating Narratives: Unpack the profound impact of music on film's emotional landscape. Analyze how strategic musical choices can redefine viewer experience.

  • Precision in the Mix: Delve into the technicalities of mixing. Ensure your audience hears every note as you envisioned, in perfect harmony with the onscreen action.

  • Seamless Integration: Explore the workflow of integrating music into film. Learn when and how to weave scoring into your production for maximum effect.

  • Unlock Opportunities: Discover the art of networking within the film and music industries. Learn how to land gigs that can set your career in motion now!

  • Transferable Skills: Identify and cultivate the skills you already possess. Learn how these can be your greatest assets in film scoring and collaboration.


Why Join Us?

Our workshop is more than just a learning experience; it's a doorway to a community of like-minded creatives and industry professionals. With interactive sessions, personalized content, and hands-on examples, we promise an engaging journey through the world of film scoring.


Whether you're a director seeking the soul of your film in music, a musician dreaming of cinematic compositions, or simply enchanted by the power of film scores, The Art of Film Scoring is your canvas.


🔥 Secure Your Spot and Elevate Your Craft!


Meet your workshop leaders!

Tim Corpus, a Filipino-American composer and arts manager based in Chicago, brings his music to global audiences with performances at renowned venues like Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, as well as recognition on BBC Radio3 and CNN Money. His music for film has received recognition at festivals around the US and he is currently the Lead Audio Designer for the upcoming video game “Ira, Act I: Pilgrimage.” His album “MMXX,” received GRAMMY consideration for the 2022 awards, earning praise from critic Robert Hugill who described it as “a striking disc.” An accomplished orchestrator and arranger, he often prepares music for esteemed performers worldwide, including Renée Fleming, Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, The Ryan Opera Center at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and others. Beyond his musical pursuits, he holds simultaneous leadership roles, serving as the Board President for the Illinois Council of Orchestras, Co-Founder of the Chicago Media Composers & Lyricists group, and Executive Director for the Hyde Park Youth Symphony and the 2025 Ear Taxi Festival. Learn more at


Tony Scott-Green sculpts original music for Film, TV and Media and has worked on feature films, TV shows, documentaries, web series and sonic branding for Fortune 500 companies. Originally from Scotland, he now composes and records at Greenhouse Sound Studios in Chicago and Los Angeles.“My goal is to make music that breaks down the barriers between audiences and the visions of creative, passionate people. The right music helps an audience see better.” For almost twenty years, he did something completely different from music: pursuing a career in tech and consulting, advising Fortune 500 clients in management and tech strategy. Managing multi-million dollar projects with dozens of people. He'd ask clients “What’s your differentiator?” “What makes you special?” “What do you do that no-one else can?” But it took 20 years to figure out that what made him different was the music he heard in his head that no-one else could hear and no-one else was making. Considering himself a storyteller first, filmmaker second, and composer third, he is a firm believer that “The right music helps an audience see better,” and is known for often incorporating and manipulating vintage instruments and alternative textures into his scores, creating unfamiliar, yet undeniably emotive, threads woven into the music. When not composing music, he can be found going too fast on motorcycles, not quite fast enough on bicycles, and collecting guitars and oddball musical instruments. He is probably the worst surfer in Santa Monica. Learn more at

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