Freefly Mōvi Pro Hands-on Workshop

Apr. 13, 2019

Mōvi Pro is known to be one of the most advanced camera movement systems ever created and Camera Ambassador wants to offer you the chance to learn more while getting a tactile experience operating it yourself. Join Camera Ambassador for a "Freefly Mōvi Pro Hands-on Workshop", Led by Austin Taylor

This workshop will cover:

  • A hands-on tactile experience covering the basics and beyond of the Movi Pro.
  • Product Tour: handles, camera mount, monitor mount
  • IMU, drive unit, motors, receiver, battery, power switch.
  • A unique obstacle course to refine and define your Mōvi techniques.
  • Discuss and demonstrate the technical aspects as well as the craft and philosophy behind the MōVI system.
  • How the MōVI differs from other stabilization systems.
  • Majestic Mode - What is it? What are the benefits?
  • Dual Operator Mode.
  • Configuring the wireless controller.
  • Working in tandem with two operators.
  • Break into groups to rig, mount, and balance a camera on Mōvi.
  • Using the Freely Configuration App & understanding the various settings.
  • Balancing techniques including cameras & lenses, adding a wireless follow focus system, onboard and wireless video monitoring, power for additional accessories.
  • Q&A

Advance Registration for this event is closed. Visit to purchase tickets for upcoming Midwest Independent Film Festival events.