Freelancers Anonymous | Reeling Film Festival

Sep. 20, 2018

Reeling’s 36th edition kicks off with this Chicago-based fizzy screwball comedy. Stuck in a dead-end job with an impossible-to-please boss played by a hilarious Alexandra Billings (TRANSPARENT, GOLIATH), Billie (Lisa Cordileone, EASY ABBY) has a meltdown and quits. Now what is she going to tell her demanding fiancé Gayle (Natasha Negovanlis, ALMOST ADULTS) who’s planning a lavish wedding? When she meets a ragtag group of other underemployed women, Billie is struck with the idea of cultivating their skills to create an app for freelancers. Billie takes the risk of her life, lying to Gayle in order to buy time. When the wedding and app launch party are booked for the same day, will the sly, resourceful Billie be able to keep it all together? This delightful romp from director Sonia Sebastian (GIRL GETS GIRL) features an outstanding supporting cast of seasoned laugh getters including Jennifer Bartels (AMERICAN WOMAN; BROKEN), Megan Cavanagh (A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN; SCROOGE & MARLEY), and Amy Shiels (TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN).

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