Diminshed Capacity

Terry Kinney

After a concussion leaves him unfocused, short on short-term memory, and demoted from the political pages to the comics, Cooper (Matthew Broderick), a Chicago newspaper editor, travels home to Missouri to visit his aging Uncle Rollie (Alan Alda). On the verge of losing his home and exhibiting signs of senility, Rollie spends his time stubbornly refusing to pay bills, compulsively drying socks, and sitting by the lake editing “fish poetry” (think typewriter keys tied to baited fishing lines). But when he shows Cooper a near-mint-condition Frank “Wildfire” Schulte baseball card, the two muddled men—along with Cooper’s high school sweetheart, Charlotte (Virginia Madsen)—drive back to Chicago hoping to sell the antique card at a memorabilia convention.  Directed by Terry Kinney.

The Chicago Premiere of DIMINISHED CAPACITY was presented at the Midwest Independent Film Festival on July 1, 2008, earning nominations for multiple Best of the Midwest Awards, including Best Feature Film.

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