Dirty Work

Bruce Terris

A compromised cop, an ambitious politician with an ego bigger than the Daley Center, a hotel maid without a green card, and a crime boss with a sadistic sense of humor are the ingredients for dark and thrilling made-in-Chicago drama. A dazzling cast leads the way through a sordid tale of corruption in high places and betrayal in the shadows, from the bowels of the South Side to the heart of the Gold Coast, and director Terris hits all the marks in blending grit and glitz. Notable performances include Reddick as the hardened, clenched-up cop, and Pendleton as the maniacally convivial mob entrepreneur. The cast also includes Michael McGlone and Mike Nussbaum.

The Festival Premiere of DIRTY WORK was presented at the Midwest Independent Film Festival on April 7, 2006, earning nominations for multiple Best of the Midwest Awards, including Best Feature Film.

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