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All films made in the Midwest, all films directed by women... The Midwest Independent Film Festival presents Female Filmmakers Night at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema on Tuesday, August 1st, with festivities beginning at 6 p.m. Here is the lineup for the Midwest Independent Film Festival’s annual showcase of women in the director's chair...

U.S. FESTIVAL PREMIERE! TANYA. Tanya tells the story of a young girl who is trapped as a sex slave until she meets a man who is just as lonely as she is. TANYA is the directorial debut for NBC series CHICAGO FIRE star Monica Raymund and is produced in association with the Hidden Tears Project.

CHICAGO PREMIERE! WHEN JEFF TRIED TO SAVE THE WORLD. When Jeff (played by NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star Jon Heder) discovers that the bowling alley he manages is being sold, he must do everything he can to save the place he's come to call home. Directed by Kendall Goldberg, written by Goldberg and Rachel Borgo.

FESTIVAL PREMIERE! GET ON UP. Music video for hip-hop/R&B artist Butch Cassidy directed by Chicago's Kathy Petrauskas, currently SVP and Global Creative Director for Leo Burnett.

CHICAGO PREMIERE! MARIETTA BRIMBLE. Directed by Jennifer Reeder, commissioned by the London Short Film Festival. Ms. Reeder's recent work includes 2017 SXSW Selection and Outfest Grand Jury Prize Winner SIGNATURE MOVE and Sundance Film Festival pick A MILLION MILES AWAY.

WORLD PREMIERE! THE GOOD WORK. Oscar McFall was born at home, on Thanksgiving. The journey from womb to world is captured as a modern day Window Water Baby Moving by directed Savannah Cannistraro, highlighting a holistic and feministic approach to childbirth.

MIDWEST FESTIVAL PREMIERE! BROWN GIRLS (click here for the trailer!). 2017 Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. BROWN GIRLS centers around two Chicago 20-somethings — Leila, a gay Muslim South Asian writer and Patricia, a black singer — and the ways that their cultural backgrounds entangle with their work and love lives. Directed by Samantha Bailey, written by Fatimah Ashgar.

CHICAGO PREMIERE! NEXT TIME YOU'LL KNOW BETTER. In the darkness of his room, a boy falls victim to a vile creature with a voracious appetite. An animated short from director Jennifer Stachovic.

MIDWEST PREMIERE! SISTER JESUS. After first-grader Lucy faints in class, she starts to see Sister Pauline in a new light. Written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton. Animation and editing by Carlton and Anne T. Hanson.

CHICAGO PREMIERE! REKINDLED. A comedy about removing the rose colored glasses from the memory of a first love. Directed by Akron, Ohio native Erin Brown Thomas. 2017 Official Selection for 15+ festivals, including Oscar qualifiers LA Shorts, Palm Springs International Shortfest and Rhode Island International Film Festival.

CHICAGO PREMIERE! WANTING YOU. Music video from St. Louis filmmaker Mia Ginae for rap artist Handbook.

LINGUA ABSENTIA (click here for the trailer!). A paper cut-out animation about a mother and her schizophrenic daughter, Abby. Guided by the mother’s voice-over narration, the film takes the viewer through Abby's severe cancer treatment and her long process to recovery. Co-directed and animated by Ohio filmmakers Kate Raney and Jeremy Bessoff.

FESTIVAL PREMIERE! JESS GODWIN MUSIC VIDEO. This shorts program will feature a new music video from Midwest singer/songwriter Jess Godwin.

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Aug 1st Female Filmmakers Night Lineup Announced - Monica Raymund, BROWN GIRLS, Jennifer Reeder


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