Godfather of Green Bay

Pete Schwaba

Filmed in Marinette, WI, Godfather stars Lauren Holly (Dumb and Dumber, Any Given Sunday), Tony Goldwyn (Ghost, The Last Samurai), Mark Borchardt (American Movie) and Schwaba, with a musical score featuring the BoDeans. In the vein of Swingers and Waiting for Guffman, The Godfather of Green Bay is a thoroughly entertaining crowd pleaser about two struggling standup comedians from L.A. who travel to tiny Pine Lake, Wisconsin, after learning that the talent booker for The Tonight Show will be attending their Rocktoberfest celebration. The "LA guys" hilariously soon find themselves as fish out of water, surrounded by beer-drinking, Macarena-dancing, mullet-wearing locals ready to teach them a thing or two.  Godfather of Green Bay is the kind of Midwestern comedy that pokes good-natured fun of the typical small town while making you remember why you love it so much.

GODFATHER OF GREEN BAY made its Chicago Premiere at the Midwest Independent Film Festival in 2005, earning multiple Best of the Midwest Award nominations, including Best Feature Film.

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The Godfather of Green Bay