Zachary Zises

REPETITION features some of the premier theatre actors in Chicago, including Guy Van Swearingen, Nicole Wiesner, Andy Rothenberg, Laura Jane Bailey, Doug McDade, Brad Armacost, Lance Baker and Dan Waller, whom reviewer Jeff Gorney of the Syracuse International Film and Video Festival calls “a joy to behold; quirky, instinctive, multidimensional, and totally affecting.”

Gorney goes on to call Repetition “revelatory!  Director Zachary Zises takes us on an adventurous exploration of sex and hunger, fear and desire, domination and submission. We take his word at every turn and he also strips each emotion down to its barest essential… a real original - humorous, insightful, raunchy, amorous, moving and richly realized.”

The Midwest Premiere of REPETITION was presented at the Midwest Independent Film Festival on September 5, 2006, earning nominations for multiple Best of the Midwest Awards, including Best Feature Film.