When Billy Broke His Head... And Other Tales Of Wonder

David E. Simpson.

WHEN BILLY BROKE HIS HEAD...AND OTHER TALES OF WONDER (25TH ANNIVERSARY) is an entertaining, irreverent road movie about disability, civil rights, and the search for intelligent life after brain damage. Following a traffic-accident, journalist Billy Golfus woke from a coma to find himself head-injured, hemiplegic and dependent on others. The film tells of Golfus’ struggle to make a new life for himself in the face of pervasive discrimination and bureaucratic “helping systems.” Accompanied by filmmaker David E. Simpson, Golfus travels the country encountering disabled people of all stripes, and witnessing the strength and anger that has forged a civil rights movement for disabled Americans. Laced with humor and biting wit, WHEN BILLY BROKE HIS HEAD... is a widely acclaimed, groundbreaking film about disability culture; a no holds barred, first-person account that refuses to tell the “inspirational” stories we have come to expect from films about people with disabilities.

At the time of its release, the New York Post called it, "a thought-provoking, refreshingly acerbic look at America's largest minority," while Variety declared it "an irreverently insightful film about a ‘serious’ subject many people find depressing." Sundance awarded the film the Freedom of Expression Award.

Simpson is a highly-awarded filmmaker who brings to his projects a collaborative spirit, proven storytelling chops and formidable attention to detail. Films he has produced, directed or edited have garnered two Emmys, two DuPont-Columbia batons, a pair of Peabody awards, an Oscar nomination, a Sundance jury prize and best in category at countless festivals. He has worked in close association with Kartemquin Films since 1997.