Who Gets the Dog?

Huck Botko

Alicia Silverstone and Ryan Kwanten star in this heartfelt romantic comedy about who gets their adorable Labrador once their marriage goes to the dogs. Six years after saying "I do," Olive (Silverstone) and Clay (Kwanten) call it quits. And although they split amicably, both want custody of their beloved dog Wesley. With everything at stake, can man’s best friend find a way to reunite the couple?

Directed by Huck Botko, starring Alicia Silverstone, Ryan Kwanten, Amy J. Carle, Randall Batinkoff, Rachel Cerda. Produced by Reid Brody, Bill Ryan, Scott Silver with executive producers Shaked Berenson, Peggy Case, Patrick Ewald and Blythe Frank.

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WHO GETS THE DOG (Alicia Silverstone) Premiere at Music Box Tues Sept 6th Midwest Ind Film Fest