Advertising Community Shorts Night set for November 6th!

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) Midwest and The Midwest Independent Film Festival will present the 2018 Advertising Community Shorts Program this fall!

What is Advertising Community Shorts Night?

An annual night of films from the Midwest advertising community, with the program solely dedicated to the shorts, music videos and animated films we create when we're NOT working on commercials! We bring together a jury of top creative professionals in the community to determine the final lineup. 

When is the Big Night?

Advertising Community Shorts Night is scheduled for the First Tuesday in November. We will narrow down all submissions to finalists based our standard criteria which you can read more about in our submissions FAQ, then present the finalists to our jury. Final lineup will be announced by mid-October after Jury selections. 

Any Other Questions?

No problem! Please contact Executive Director Amy Guth at

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing yoou in November!