Announcing the Lineup for Advertising Community Shorts Night!

First Tuesdays with The Midwest Independent Film Festival hosts its ninth annual Advertising Community Shorts Night on Tuesday, November 7th at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema, with festivities beginning at 6 p.m.  Filmmakers will be in attendance for a post-screening discussion with the audience.

Here it is... the lineup for Advertising Community Shorts Night 2017!

SPECIAL MOMENT. Walt’s Cleaning Service has been summoned to a mysterious mansion.  As he cleans the home, a sinister plot begins to unfold in this music video for the Post Animal (pictured right) track “Special Moment.”  Directed by Chicago-area natives Alec Basse and Max Moore.

SOLD. An episodic short film series that follows Rufus, a young, naive in-home carpet salesman, and while some episodes are dramatic, some more humorous, the focus of each will be a realistic portrayal of the various people Rufus encounters. Written and directed by Richard Cohen of Three Colors Films, edited by Dustin Foster of Chop and Hue in Grand Rapids.

THINK SMALL. The story of "Richard" is an excerpt from feature length documentary, THINK SMALL. The documentary chronicles the unique and astonishing artistic hobby of miniatures. It is an art that reflects our common desire to capture a moment in time, whether fantasy, reality or a mix of both, and hold onto that moment in all its perfect detail, just as we see it -- or want to see it. Co-directed by Amanda Speva and Mark Pallman of production company ONE at Optimus.

THE ARTIST. An in-depth look at the torturous process of writing a novel from an artist who echoes Henry David Thoreau by living in the wilderness to create inspiration. The film was written/directed by Radar Studios director Neal E. Fischer and edited by Radar Studios' Mark P. Smith.

POLVORONES. Felix is like most other 11-year-old boys, save for the fact that he has a plan to help make the world a better place. With a gift left behind from his late grandmother and some help from his mom, he’s putting that plan into action. Katie Prentiss Onsager (Director), Jamie Fleischel (Executive Producer), and Brian Gailey (Producer) of Picture Show Films in Chicago created this film.

LSD FEATURING CHANCE THE RAPPER. Jamila Woods in collaboration with VAM STUDIO, Jagjaguwar and Closed Sessions presents "LSD ft. Chance the Rapper," Directed by Vincent Martell, Sam Bailey and Chicago Public Schools Treatment Submission Winner Ashley Huicochea.

HI-8. By powering up their "time machine," a dated Hi8 camcorder, two friends explore and discuss the joy of creating movies as a kid. John Shaw is a producer and director at local commercial production company, Big Foot Media, located in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

MIRIAM IS GOING TO MARS. Miriam is Going to Mars follows a mother battling schizophrenia who believes she is destined to join the inaugural mission to Mars. The film was directed and edited by Cutters editor Michael Lippert, shot by Austin Rink and colored by Company 3’s Tyler Roth.

DUST TO DUST. "Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return." In this experimental / elemental / fashion short film, we explore visual & sonic interpretations of origination; and our inherent destiny of returning to that from which we came. Directed by Joel and Jesse Edwards of Evolve Studio.

HOT SHIT. A documentary film crew gains access to a mysterious cult. This footage is all that remains. The film was directed by Andre Muir who is a producer at Fluent 360 and edited by Nathan Rodgers at The Colonie.

FREEDOM RIDE. Jack just says he makes bikes. But anyone who knows him, calls him a real-life bike-MacGyver for kids with special needs. He custom builds tricycles that ensure anyone and everyone gets to experience the thrill of riding a bike.

PRONOUNS. A Chicago teenager decides to reveal their true identity during a spoken word performance. The film was written, directed, and produced by Mike Paulucci, a Chicago-based commercial director and producer.

SENATAUR. The story of an exiled intergalactic politician who runs for President of the US in hopes of conquering Earth and one day returning to his home planet Beauracratica. SENATAUR was written, shot and edited in Chicago by Alec Pinkston, Gregory Hinchman and Peter Stepnoski at the Odd Machine (Production and Post) Creative Incubator.

BILL’S RECORDS. Bill Wisener has been the sole proprietor of a record store for 42 years. At its apex, Bill's store was considered the largest independent record store in the country. After the decline of the music industry Bill now makes his living spending long and sometimes lonely hours selling a small but steady amount of records. Bill's store has over 50,000 records, almost all are unpriced and uncategorized. Directed and Lensed by Chuck Przybyl (Most Visual), edited by Emily Tolan (Cutters), sound mix by Mike Regan (Another Country), and color by Lindsey Mazur (The Mill).

DÉJÀ VU. A young couple shares a meal, a conversation and the inescapable feeling that one of them has seen this all before. Directed by Tim Mason.

HILL CLIMB. A candid look into the nearly 100-year tradition of the Mt. Garfield All Pro Motorcycle Hill Climb. The film is a snapshot of the riders, their bikes, and the enthusiasts that camp out on the shores of Lake Michigan for this exciting, historic event. Hill Climb is directed by Chicago/Michigan dwellers Andrew Morgan and Nick Nummerdor of Little Cabin Films, cut by local documentary editor Bryan Simpson, and colored by Company 3’s Tyler Roth.

PULASKI AT NIGHT. The film follows a young boy through a typical day in his Chicago neighborhood where gun violence, and its effects on his community, have sadly become a normal part of his life. The film was shot in Chicago using a local crew, edited by Beast’s Angelo Valencia, colored by Company 3’s Tyler Roth, and finished by Method Studios Chicago.

Be sure to buy your tickets online in advance for November 7th First Tuesdays with the Midwest Independent Film Festival as we do anticipate a capacity crowd for these festivities.

Our co-hosts for this year's Advertising Community Shorts Night include AICP Midwest, Canon, One at Optimus, O'Connor Casting, BAM Studios, SCREEN Magazine, Beast Editorial, Company 3, Method Studios, Dictionary Films, BoomThrift, The Mill, Chicago Recording Company, Quriosity Productions, AbelCine, Airstream Audio and Dose!