Best of the Midwest Award nominees announced, public voting open!

Nominees for the annual Best of the Midwest Awards are out and online voting is now open to the public! The announcements came at a live nomination announcement event this week as part of our monthly First Tuesdays event series, and was followed by a screening of the five films nominated in the Best Short Film category. Online voting will remain open until December 21, after which time results will help determine winners of Best of the Midwest Awards in each category. Awards will be presented at this year's special Best of the Midwest Awards Gala on January 17th, at The Promontory. (Purchase tickets to Best of the Midwest Awards Gala >>)



Best Music Video:
"Glendale," directed by Sean Wehril for Clans [watch]
"Riding Down," directed by Damien Blue for Mike Mangione & The Kin [watch]                               
"Symphony," directed by Andre Muir for Towkio [watch]
"4 Leaf Clover," directed by Andre Muir for Ravyn Lenae [watch]
"Rock N Roll," directed by Andre Muir for Taylor Bennett [watch]

Best Animated Film:
"Blow Job," directed by Robert Hemlich [watch]
"Lullaby Theories: Cereal Fluid," directed by Jonathan Lacocque and Clara Lehmann [watch]
"Sea-Tectives," directed by Christopher Dobbs, Jr. [trailer]
"The Amazing Neckbeard," directed by Aaron Legg [watch]
"Too Evil," directed by Conlon Taaffe [watch]

Best Short Film:
"4 Corners," directed by Andre Muir
"Half Smile," directed by Owen Royce [watch]
"New Neighbors," directed by E.G. Bailey [trailer]
"Other People's Children," directed by Anna Maria Hozian and Brad Riddell [trailer]
"Runner," directed by Clare Cooney [trailer]

Best Documentary Short:
"Edith + Eddie," directed by Laura Checkoway [watch]
"Fallen Feather," directed by Aaron Peterson
"Grace," directed by Rachel Pikelny [watch]
"Mickey's Pets," directed by Ashley Brandon

Best Actor:
Anthony Hill for "Off Book" [trailer]
David Pasquesi for "Stage Four" [trailer]
Joe Kessler for "Half Smile"
Michael Blaiklock for "Cold War" [trailer]
Will Allen for "Runner" [trailer]

Best Actress:
Clare Cooney for "Runner" [trailer]
Hani Furstenberg "Saints Rest" [trailer]
Janelle Snow for "Stage Four" [trailer]
Madeline Walter for "Cold War" [trailer]
Sha Cage for "New Neighbors"

Best Cinematography:
Christian Mejia for "Searching For Isabelle" [trailer]
Jonah Rubash for "Ten More" [watch]
Matthias Grunsky for "Saints Rest" [trailer]
Moira Hamilton and John Salazar, for "As Of Now"
Rhett Blankenship and Jacob Chapman for "Glendale"

Best Editing:
Chelsea Kiser and Diego Lopez, for "Atoms of Ashes"
Clare Cooney, for "Runner" [trailer]
J. Wilder Konschak for "Cold War" [trailer]
Nili Feller, for "Saints Rest" [trailer]
Nathan Rodgers for "4 Corners"

Best Screenplay:
Noga Ashkenazi and Tyson Stock, for "Saints Rest" [trailer]
Brad Riddell, for "Ten More" [watch]
Clare Cooney, for "Runner" [trailer]
J. Wilder Konschak, for "Cold War" [trailer]
Wendy Roderweiss, for "Stage Four" [trailer]

Best Director:
Andre Muir, for "4 Corners"
Clare Cooney, for "Runner" [trailer]
Noga Ashkenazi for "Saints Rest" [trailer]
J. Wilder Konschak and Stirling McLaughlin, for "Cold War" [trailer]
Steve James, for "Abacus: Small Enough to Jail" [trailer]

Best Feature:
"Abacus: Small Enough to Jail," directed by Steve James [trailer]
"Cold War," directed by J. Wilder Konschak and Stirling McLaughlin [trailer]
"Hesburgh," directed by Patrick Creadon
"Saints Rest," directed by Noga Ashkenazi [trailer]
"Two In The Bush: A Love Story," directed by Laura Madalinski [trailer]