Gift ideas for filmmakers: the ultimate list of lists

As December rolls along, niche blogs post gift guides for the bakers, wine enthusiasts, sports fans, Trekkies, crafters and other specific groups of folks in our lives, and filmmakers, we're glad to tell you, are no exception. We sifted through tons of film blogs and found this collection of film-related gift guides to help you out, or, say, for you to casually leave up on an open laptop to help drop hints. Whatever you need to do.

But, of course, we'd also humbly mention that this year, we're offering (fancy, custom, printable) gift certificates for anything from a pair of tickets to one of our regular First Tuesday events in the 2019 season, to a Premium Couples Membership to enjoy our screenings every month, all year. (Just email and we'll make it super simple for you.)

In any case, here we go: 

This gift guide for filmmakers from Desktop Documentaries is all about gear, and is divided by gifts under and over $100. 

TimeOut has a guide to super-chic film-themed gift inspiration. (Or, "stuff you totally want to buy for yourself" if you prefer. You do you.)

Premium Beat's gift guide is a good one, and contains important reminers about considerations to keep in mind when buying gear for someone else.

FilmSourcing's holiday gift guide breaks it down by specific parts of the industry including screenwriters, directors, actors, editors and film enthusiasts. (Shout-out to the "Fix it in post yourself!" t-shirt!)

Raindance has a holiday gift guide for the "film nerd," but before you knock the name, please note they included a link to a Madrid sock company that makes Overlook Hotel carpet pattern socks for Kubrick fans, as well as Big Lebowski socks, so there's that. They also have a screenwriter-specific gift guide on offer. 

ProductionHub's holiday guft guide has links to gear, online masterclasses, bags, and accessories. 

NeedleGirlHaystackWorld's gift guide is a well-considered list of items that make life easier on-set, plus a solid list of books and subscriptions to give as gifts.  

Photododo's holiday gift guide mostly focuses on gear, but also has some non-gear options like mugs, books, and notebooks. 

Amy Clark Films has a holiday gift guide specifically for film students, with all items about $50 or less. Another good list of gift ideas for future filmmakers is at Lighthouse Studio, and Essence has a fabulously named list from last year of gift ideas for "the budding Ava DuVernay in your life."

No Film School has a holiday gift guide from 2017 ranging from "the super kitschy to the super useful" and while a few items on it are sooooo last year (looking at you. MoviePass subscription), it's still a pretty solid list. 

Digital Filmmaker's holiday gift guide for filmmakers and videographers is divided into gear type fom camera bodies to accessories. 

Film Shortage's holiday gift guide is a list of essentials for aspiring/beginner, intermediate, and more advanced filmmakers. 

Droi Media's gift guide from last year still holds up pretty well, and is sorted by price from $10 up. 

Don't forget to peek at items tagged "filmmaker" on Etsy, and CafePress, too! 

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