SEND US YOUR SHORTS TODAY! Final Deadline Aug 31 for Advertising Community Shorts Night

Presented by AICP Midwest and a host of outstanding Midwest companies

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) Midwest and The Midwest Independent Film Festival will present the 2017 Advertising Community Shorts Program this fall and we want your "non-work work" (the films you make when you're not making commercials) to be a part of it!

What is Advertising Community Shorts Night?

An annual night of films from the Midwest advertising community, with the program solely dedicated to the shorts, music videos and animated films we create when we're NOT working on commercials!  We bring together a jury of top creatives in our community to determine the final lineup. This year's jury includes Leo Burnett Head of Production Vincent Geraghty and DDB Chicago Executive Producer/VP Scott Kemper... many more additions to come, we will announce the full jury very soon!

Is My Film Eligible?

Your short film, web series, animated piece, trailer or music video is eligible if:

  1. Some or all of the filmmaking team is gainfully employed in the advertising and/or commercial production community
  2. The film was produced in the Midwest or has strong connections to the Midwest
  3. The piece is NOT a commercial or spec spot (we want the films you make when you’re NOT working on commercials!)

How Much to Submit my Film(s)?

It’s only $25 to submit your work. Head to our FilmFreeway page and choose the submission category of “Advertising Community Shorts.”

SPECIAL OFFER FOR THIS YEAR: We want to see ALL of your “non-work work” so for this year, you can submit as many films as you like for just one $25 submission fee!  Here’s how that works:

  1. Submit one of your films (doesn’t matter which one) for the regular $25 fee via our FilmFreeway page and choose the submission category of “Advertising Community Shorts”
  2. Email with “Advertising Community Shorts” in the subject line and the following in the body of the email: “Hi, I have submitted (title of film) via FilmFreeway and would like to submit (number of additional films) more films. Please email me my fee waiver code.”
  3. We’ll email you your own personal fee waiver code for the specified number of entries, and you can submit your additional work via our FilmFreeway page for FREE, compliments of the fest.

So When is the Big Night?

Advertising Community Shorts Night is currently scheduled for the First Tuesday in October or November, we'll set date very soon. We will narrow down all submissions to approximately 30 finalists, which will be presented to our jury. Final lineup will be announced in mid-September.

Any Other Questions?

No problem, please contact Director of Programming Mike McNamara at with any questions or comments and he'll get right back to you.

BE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR FILM(S) NO LATER THAN AUGUST 31st! Please spread the word to your fellow filmmakers - we look forward to viewing your film(s) - the sooner the better!