Spring Donation Drive Raffle!

Now that our Spring Donation Drive has come to a close, we want to take a moment to thank you for all your support to help us fund essential operational and programming costs in the Springtime months ahead. As a non-profit organization, we rely on your critical support throughout the year to continue our work in serving the Midwest film community. As the only film festival solely dedicated to serving and uplifting the Midwest filmmaker and film community, our year-round film festival is continually expanding and evolving programming to support and engage all members of the local film community at every career stage.

So far in 2019, we’ve started expanding our educational programming offerings, and made strategic operational and fiscal moves to continue to ensure the festival’s success for seasons to come.

During the Spring Donation Drive, we raised a total of $2,715 and are so grateful to all who supported the festival. Every penny goes toward essential operational and programming costs, and as an arts non-profit, we make each and every donation count big. 

This year, for each multiple of $20 given, donors were also entered for a chance to win raffle prizes and we're delighted to announce the winners!

  • A pair of Cubs tickets, donated by Mike Kincaide: Stirling McLaughlin
  • A pair of White Sox tickets, donated by WGN Radio: Rich Lenkov
  • $100 gift certificate to Bellemore: Brad Riddell
  • $100 gift certificate to BOKA: Wendy Roderweiss
  • $100 gift certificate to Duck Duck Goat: Kenneth Yoder
  • $100 gift certificate to Dutch & Doc's: Mia Wicklund
  • $100 gift certificate to Girl & the Goat: Jane Meyers
  • $100 gift certificate to GT Fish & Oyster: Colleen Griffen Chappelle
  • $100 gift certificate to GT Prime: William Eichler
  • $100 gift certificate to Momotaro: Jon Olen
  • $100 gift certificate to The J Parker: Stacy Miller
  • $100 gift certificate to Swift & Sons: Ilyssa Fradin
  • A pair of tickets to "Drink, Date, Laugh," donated by Paul Farhvar: Daliah Fritz
  • Premium Couples Membership to MIFF: Janelle Snow
  • Premium Couples Membership to MIFF: Mike Esposito 
  • Premium Couples Membership to MIFF: Mark Smithivas
  • Premium Couples Membership to MIFF: Kelly Demaret

Thank you so much to all of our generous supporters, and congratulations to our winners! 

As a 501(c)3 organization, we count on your generous support during campaigns like this for our annual operating budget. Your tax-deductible donation helps ensure that the Midwest Independent Film Festival will continue to support and strengthen the Midwest independent film community in the season ahead, and for years to come.