Sundance Vet Schulze, Rasheed Lead Investors Panel Tuesday at the Midwest Independent Film Festival

Tuesday at the Midwest Independent Film Festival, the evening opens with THE INVESTORS PANEL, 6:30 pm right in the theater. The panel will bring together brand-new investors, veteran investors, and the producers who court them. Tuesday's panelists include:

JUST ADDED FOR TONIGHT: Eddie Linker, Investor and Executive Producer, HAPPY CHRISTMAS, DIGGING FOR FIRE. Eddie was born and raised in Chicago, owns and operates a trading firm based in Chicago, and is passionate about giving back to the community. Eddie's recent investments include Sundance selections HAPPY CHRISTMAS and DIGGING FOR FIRE, directed by Joe Swanberg. Eddie is a Co-Founder of Forager Films, alongside Swanberg and Peter Gilbert.

Hugh Schulze, Investor, Sundance Selections LIFE IS STRANGE, LITTLE MEN. Hugh's recent independent film investments include Sundance Film Festival Official Selections LITTLE MEN, starring Greg Kinnear, and LIFE IS STRANGE, starring Alfred Molina, as well as tonight's film, the Chicago-made comedy SIGNATURE MOVE.

Nabeela Rasheed, Investor and Executive Producer, SIGNATURE MOVE. Dr. Rasheed is an investor and Executive Producer of tonight's featured film, the Chicago-made comedy SIGNATURE MOVE. She has also executive produced the films THE STREETS ARE OURS, SPUNKLE, and a recent documentary called QANDEEL for The Guardian. She is a lawyer at Abbvie. In addition to the boards of local charities, Dr. Rasheed serves on the Chicago Commission on Human Relations.

Moderator: Nicole Bernardi-Reis, Executive Director, IFP Chicago. Nicole has produced television series and films for a wide range of broadcast outlets including PBS, A&E and the Science Channel. Feature documentaries include Rebecca Parrish’s RADICAL GRACE, which screened in over 30 countries and was called "Exhilarating... among the year's best films" by Nicole currently has two documentaries in development, including director Ruth Leitman's LADY PARTS JUSTICE IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Your tickets to tonight's festival include admission to THE INVESTORS PANEL at 6:30 pm as well as the Chicago Premiere of SIGNATURE MOVE which follows it at 7:30 pm. Click here to purchase your tickets for tonight!