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Copy of Copy of Futuristic Sci-Fi Cyber
Copy of Copy of Futuristic Sci-Fi Cyber
Copy of Futuristic Sci-Fi Cyber Monday F

We asked some of our favorite filmmakers what sci-fi films they would recommend to our audience



2020 Brandon Cronenberg

Possessor follows an agent who works for a secretive organization that uses brain-implant technology to inhabit other people's bodies - ultimately driving them to commit assassinations for high-paying clients

Director: Brandon Cronenberg
Writer: Brandon Cronenberg
Stars: Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Cinematography: Karim Hussain



2018 Claire Denis

Monte and his baby daughter are the last survivors of a damned and dangerous mission to the outer reaches of the solar system. They must now rely on each other to survive as they hurtle toward the oblivion of a black hole.

Director: Claire Denis

Written by: Claire Denis, Jean-Pol Fargeau

Stars: Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André Benjamin, Mia Goth
Cinematography: Yorick Le Saux

Copy of Copy of Futuristic Sci-Fi Cyber

Jennifer reeder

Jennifer Reeder constructs personal fiction films about relationships, trauma and coping. Her award-winning narratives are innovative and borrow from a range of forms including after school specials, amateur music videos and magical realism. 






1995 Marc Caro &Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Old and decrepit Krank has lost his capacity for dreaming and is attempting to fight death by stealing the dreams of children. Krank's henchmen snatch 5-year-old Denree to subject him to the horrific dream-retrieval process. The boy's father and his precocious 9-year-old friend join forces to defeat Krank's minions and save Denree.

Director: Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Writer: Gilles Adrien & Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Stars: Ron Perlman, Daniel Emilfork, Judith Vittet, Dominique Pinon

Cinematography: Eric Caro, Philippe LeSourd, Darius Khondji



1997 Vincenzo Natali

Cube is a 1997 Canadian independent science-fiction horror film. It has gained notoriety and a cult following, for its surreal atmosphere and Kafkaesque setting, and concept of industrial, cube-shaped rooms. 

Director: Vincenzo Natali

Written by: André Bijelic, Graeme Manson, Vincenzo Natali

Stars: Nicole de Boer, Nicky Guadagni, David Hewlett
Cinematography: Derek Rogers

Copy of Copy of Futuristic Sci-Fi Cyber

julian grant

Julian Grant is a filmmaker, educator, and author of strange short stories plus full-length novels/ non-fiction texts and comics. A tenured Associate Professor at Columbia College Chicago




Copy of Copy of Futuristic Sci-Fi Cyber

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Catherine woods

special effects makeup artist & prop builder