Upcoming Submission Deadlines

August 31, 2017: Advertising Community Shorts Program - films must be created by members of advertising and commercial production community
ANYTIME! We accept general submissions (feature, short, music video, pilot, web series) all year round!

And again, since we're a year-round film festival, we accept general submissions (i.e. not for one of the specific programs above) anytime, all year round!

How to Submit Your Film

There are two ways to submit your film to the Midwest Independent Film Festival:

Submit with Film Freeway
Submit to Withoutabox

Frequently Asked Questions

The Midwest Independent Film Festival is dedicated to Midwest films. Define “Midwest”

What exactly do you mean by "Midwest film?"

So if a Chicago filmmaker shoots a film in Wyoming, would that qualify?

What are your specifications for film submissions (length, genre, screening format)?

When will I be notified of my submission status?

I have more questions for you! What should I do?