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Each raffle ticket costs $1.00 and is applied towards the item and quantity selected. You can select multiple items by adding each to your shopping cart with the quantity of raffle tickets you'd like to purchase towards each item. The raffle will be drawn during the virtual live Best of The Midwest Awards show on January 14th. All winners will be announced during the program and winners will be emailed additionally the following day! Good luck and thank you for supporting local filmmaking!


Purchasing a raffle ticket to this item will give you entry into winning a $150 gift certificate from The Forge


About The Forge:

I opened The Forge as a way for actors and filmmakers to constantly hone their craft and make our industry even stronger and more competitive; that means on both sides of the camera. Actors and filmmakers seem to be on two different teams, aiming for the same goal.

As an actor turned filmmaker, I remember getting so frustrated at film schools and acting studios where I felt that I wasn't being pushed hard enough or was being forced to take classes I didn't care about. Opening The Forge was my way of providing a safe place for actors and filmmakers to receive affordable training by creating meticulously curated classes. The Forge is for professionals, taught by qualified professionals. Period.

There are film schools and there are acting studios, but The Forge is a place where both sides of the camera can come for continued education and work together. 


owner + director

The Forge $150 Gift Certificate Raffle Ticket

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